Blankschmidt Communication and Advertising Agency

Who we are
and who we work for

BLANKSCHMIDT is a communication and advertising agency located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since 2006, we support our clients in all aspects of strategic and operative corporate and brand communications. We stand for a clear visual language and offer our clients distinctive and defining identity solutions. Our way of thinking is conceptual and interdisciplinary, we support our customers in all phases of their business state. We help founders with positioning, bring established companies in shape and guide them through the development of their company.

Our clients include start-ups as well as medium-sized and large companies. Our customers benefit from transparent structures, a flat hierarchy and a network of flexible and highly qualified partners. As your contact person we take over the communication and coordination of all partners involved in the process. Due to the project-based nature of the teams we ensure individuality, creativity and know-how at the highest level.

What we do
and why you need us

The concept of corporate identity is based on the idea that companies are perceived as personalities. Within the competitive market existing today, it is essential for entrepreneurs to make the unique features of their business visible to the customer and therefore stand out from the crowd. More and more competitors offer similar products and services, which can be hardly distinguished from each other for customers. A differentiation on quality and quantity is getting more and more difficult. In addition, the buying habits, communication and information behavior of customers change in an even faster growing speed.

Our job is to present comprehensible and suitable solutions with the help of visual communications to create the character of your company and brand. We help you with the profiling, tracking and differentiation in the market. We visualize your corporate identity, create orientation and thus increase the value.

We are an independent creative agency. We love design, we are good listeners and interlocutors, we work with passion and commitment for the success of our customers and believe in the power of visual communication. Let's get to know each other.


Dr. Christoph Blank


Christoph Blank, born 1977 in Düsseldorf, married, one daughter. In spite of the "deep trench" between Düsseldorf and Cologne, he moved to the "forbidden city", where he studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne (RFH) Business Law (Dipl.-Wjur.), with a focus on copyright and intellectual property. Afterwards he completed the postgraduate course in Industrial Management (M.Sc.) at the Institute for Technology and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Mittweida with a focus on Media Management Multimedia/Print. He graduated with honors from both courses. In 2015 he finished his doctorate in Communication and Media Science at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf.

First practical experiences he could already gather before his studies as a part of his education as a banker in Düsseldorf. In addition he collected experiences in various activities, occasional at the management consultancy Droege Group, a law firm and the German Bundestag.

In 2006 he founded the agency BLANKSCHMIDT and since 2008 he is a visiting lecturer at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf at the department of Communication and Media Studies. He is also active in the arts and cultural sector and founded the online art platform KUNSTBAR in 2003.


Christoph Schmidt


Christoph Schmidt was born in 1980 in the beautiful Freiburg in southern Germany. For his study he moved to the university town Heidelberg, where he took up a degree in computer science ( Dipl. Inform ) at the University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg with a focus on media. After successful completion in 2005, he moved to the Rhineland to study Communication Design ( Dipl. Des. ) at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf with a focus on typography, corporate design and editorial design. During this time he was not just doing tutoring activity with Prof. Victor Malsy and Prof. Philipp Teufel, he also participated in the accreditation of Bachelor's and Master's degrees, but has also worked as a freelance communication designer. He completed this degree with honors.

Due to longer stays in the United States and France, he could not only deepen his intercultural skills, but also his linguistic skills.

Practical experience Christoph Schmidt could gather for various activities, among others, at the advertising agencies Jung von Matt in Stuttgart and connect21/grey in Munich, before he founded in Dusseldorf together with Christoph Blank, the agency BLANKSCHMIDT.

While he pulls in the winter for skiing in the mountains, he prefers the sea in summer. He likes to sail and travel the world. Whether Hong Kong, Paris, Copenhagen or Boston. He's always having unusual tips. On his travels he is always curious and is particularly interested in fashion, photography, interior design and fancy restaurants.

Not least, he is passionate about cooking and often tries something new; what he really likes is Seafood. Oysters and mussels Rhenish type are not safe from him. Especially with a good glass of wine you can philosophize with him about everything.

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