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For many years, we prefer the content management system REDAXO for website development for our clients. The CMS is suitable for small projects as well as large and complex websites. Indebted to the modular structure and many expansion options additional modules and add-ons can always individually be developed and implemented.

REDAXO covers all necessary functions of a comprehensive content management system. It is user friendly in the administration, system-independently and cross-platformed. It provides e.g. individual rights management, accessible web design and the integration of search engines. It is an open source system and free for commercial use.

On request, we also implement web projects on other content management systems such as TYPO3, Joomla! or WordPress. Our preferred systems for onlineshops are Magento and OXID.

In small CMS workshops, we train our clients in the editorial and technical handling, so that each website can be maintained and managed in house. If this is too expensive in terms of time, the monthly administration and maintenance as well as the associated image and text editing can be done by BLANKSCHMIDT.

More than 95% of german companies are taking the advantages of e-mail and newsletter marketing as an efficient way to create customer loyalty: permanent and personalized customer contact, measurability of the campaign, speed and interaction (call-to-action).

We develop and design for our clients communication campaigns on budget, take over the text and picture editing, the design, do "spam tests" as well as the "bounce management“, lead "blacklists" and have always an eye on the privacy („douple-opt-in").

In the case that you didn’t understand that much, we would like to coach you in one of our marketing workshops.

REDAXO provides, e.g. the possibilities of e-mail and newsletter marketing. By a previously designed and fixed layout the newsletter can automatically be sent periodically to all registered users. Also the login and logout procedures and legally required verification of the e-mail-address will be done by the system. Even an external newsletter management system, such as Inxmail, CleverReach or MailChimp can easily be integrated into REDAXO.


The aim of the corporate design was to develop a creatively refreshing and sophisticated identity for the German wine trading company kalt.weiss.trocken, to settle away from the mass of wine merchants in a sympathetic way.

The landscapes and scenes communicate easiness and the quality of life. Wine is finally not elitist and complicated. Wine is for everyone. Wine is a craft and requires creativity. The logo emphasizes this character as well as the selected typewriter font. The concept included the transfer to the office equipment and the design as well as the technical implementation of the website, including a shop-system. In addition, a module for e-mail and newsletter marketing has been implemented that enables the automated distribution directly from the database of the website.

The handmade drawings were developed together with the illustrator Max Fiedler from Dusseldorf.



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